Aermacchi MB339

8 Aermacchi MB339 C

Highly maneuverable and versatile training and ground strike aircraft.

Evolution of the MB-339A, two-seater ground attack, the MB 339 C is equipped with modernized avionics with HUD (Head Up Display) & inertia unit, the Rolls Royce MK VIPER 680-43 engine (19.05 kN) with larger wing tip tanks giving it an autonomy over zone (Play Time) of 1 hour at low altitude at 100 Nm from the starting base.

Maximum speed 500 kt (sea level)
Ceiling 40 000 ft
Climbing speed 5 500 ft/min

Wingspan 11,22 m
Length 11,24 m
Height 3,94 m
Wing area 19,30 m²

Cessna 337

1 Cessna 337

The Cessna Skymaster C337 is an American twin-engine “Push-Pull” aircraft equipped with 2 turbo compressed engines 2 x 225 HP Continental TSIO-360-C. Our plane can stay between 3 & 4 hours in the area. It is used for bleaching areas or to simulate an asymmetric AIR threat.

Cruising speed 165 Kts
Ceiling 18,000 Feet
Coverable distance 920 Nm

Wingspan 12,1 m
Length 9,09 m
Height 2,84 m
Wing area 18,81 m²