Our highly qualified & experienced Pilots, come from the Air & Space Army or the French Navy, have Patrol Leader qualifications with FAA & EASA licenses.

Threat simulation and JTAC training

The aim is to train the Forces’ ground/air defense units to use their weapons systems on targets that simulate realistic threats and modern missiles, as well as to test the performance of these weapons and control systems.

  • Simulation of Air-to-Ground conventional threats
  • Simulation of Air-to-Surface threats with AS-39 EXOCET missiles

SDTS also offers close air training missions for forward air controllers—FAC or FAC-A.

  • JTAC training: Joint Terminal Attack Controller 
  • Air support/CAS (Close Air Support) at low & medium altitude with DaCAS capability  

SDTS also performs zone clearing operations that can cover up to 35,000 km² (100 NM from the coast) with one or more planes, with detection of autonomous aerial targets at sea and marine targets.