Our highly qualified & experienced Pilots come from the Air & Space Army or the French Navy with Patrol Leader qualifications with FAA & EASA licenses.

RedAir activities

For its Air-Air mission, SDTS has 8 Aermacchi MB339 C, a Cessna 337 & a CTSW ULM to simulate different types of AIR threats, ranging from the engagement of a high performance fighter box to the light microlight aircraft to simulate an asymmetric threat.

BVR and WVR interception training through tactical threat simulations with scenarios ranging from a basic 1-aircraft threat to more complex threats with 4 or more planes; this can also be part of international exercises

  • F1 and F3 threat simulations, with the possibility of equipping our aircraft with the ACMI P5 pod from CUBIC
  • Threat simulations with variable RCS using active reflectors or generating RADAR blips from ultralight aircraft to C160s
  • Plastrons able to operate at all speeds up to supersonic flight, at altitudes between 100 and 50,000 ft

Training of air, surface-to-air, and ground-to-air defense units 

  • To detect and classify unidentified trails
  • To conduct aircraft radio interrogation sequences and air defense measures
  • To calibrate on-board sensors

Towing of multirole targets by aircraft for real fire training

SDTS offers the Forces’ pilots air-to-air weapons training thanks to ARESIA’s ability to carry aerial targets, which allows for training in evolving weapons scenarios.